Growing Oyster Mushrooms, and a Recipe for Vegetarian Terrine (Video)

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Image credit: The Perennial Plate

Yesterday posted an eerily pretty video about hunting and eating roadkill in Minnesota. Since then, I've been digging through more of the fabulous content created by The Perennial Plat, including this episode on another favorite TreeHugger topic—growing and eating mushrooms. So join us as we learn how oyster mushrooms are grown commercially, and then check out how to turn them into a delicious vegetarian mushroom terrine. In the blurb for the episode below, the often meat-, hunting- and fishing-focused Daniel Klein makes an interesting analogy: "This week's episode strays away from killing toward something that feeds on death: fungus... or in this case, the oyster mushroom." This departure will be particularly welcome for those who forgo eating flesh themselves, as Daniel shows us how to combine oyster mushrooms with button mushrooms and dried porcini for a delicious-looking terrine.

Whether it's growing oyster mushrooms in coffee grounds, or how to inoculate shiitake mushroom logs, I have had a fair amount of fungi-related adventures myself. But it's fascinating for me, as a hobbyist, to see how the professionals do it.

The Perennial Plate Episode 37: Of Mushrooms and Oysters from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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