Grow Your Own in Your Kitchen


We go on about buying locally grown food, and what could be more local than your kitchen counter? Most hydroponic systems are not very pretty, being hidden in closets and basements. Designer Michael Kritzer has designed Herbi to sit elegantly on your counter while it grows your own fresh herbs. And it is not only pretty, it's smart- it knows when your plants needs the pH adjusted, water or nutrients supplied and lets you know with LEDs. " Simple, bold, and uniquely placed elements are the mantra of Herbi's design. Herbi also draws heavy inspiration from the old wheat and grain silos that were and still are spread throughout the rural plains of America. Also, the elegantly simple and dynamic movements of Japanese Architect Tado Ando work helped serve as a major inspiration for Herbi's form factor." ::herbi for ::plusminuszero via ::Yanko Design