Grow tiny gardens of nutritious micro-greens in your window with these kits

Even if you only have a window, you have room for the tiniest gardens ever: trays of micro veggie greens.

Not everyone has room for a garden, but you can still get fresh home-grown greens by growing your own sprouts and micro greens.

My family and I have been sprouting at home for many years now, as it used to be the only way we could grow fresh food in the very small space we lived in, especially during the winter. It’s generally much cheaper than buying sprouts from the store, and all it takes is space for a few jars in a cupboard or on the counter.

We also experimented with growing trays of micro greens with soil, most often using buckwheat and sunflowers, and these slightly older sprouts added quite a bit of flavor and crunch to our meals. One of the things about growing micro greens is that because they’re grown longer, they need sunlight to green up their leaves, so you need space for them in front of a window, which isn’t always practical (especially if you have pets or small children who will inevitably knock them over).

One solution for homegrown micro greens is a complete kit that just launched on Kickstarter, called MicroGreenz, which uses a “Veg-Ledge” to turn your window into a tiny garden space.

"MicroGreenz are veggie shoots grown from seed for 10 days in your window, clipped and eaten. These sassy little seedlings add a burst of intense flavors, vivid colors and crisp textures that transform any meal into a nutrient-packed gourmet experience."

The kits include the ledge, the dish, enough growing medium for four batches of greens, a spray bottle (for misting the greens), and enough seed mix for four crops. MicroGreenz offers three different creatively-named veggie seed mixes, the greens of which are said to “pack a potent punch of nutrients”:

  • Disco Inferno: Red Stem Radish, Green Stem Radish, Sango Radish
  • Purple Power: Red Russian Kale, Red Acre Cabbage, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
  • Hippie Salad: Chrysanthemum Green, Mustard, Flowering Brassica

Find out more about MicroGreenz, and the people behind it, at their website or the crowdfunding campaign page.

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