Greenwash Watch: Whole Foods' "Green" Beaujolais Nouveau

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The Whole Foods website is all gaga over today's launch of this year's "green" Beaujolais Nouveau.

Whole Foods Market is proud to present the first ever bottling of Nouveau in plastic bottles! This lowers the carbon footprint of getting this wine to your table. Just think, less guilt while enjoying wine with friends! And it lowers the cost for you to get it to the table too. Just imagine sitting on a fatter wallet while you’re enjoying the same exact delicious wine with friends! It’s more than delicious. It’s a new way to enjoy this traditional regional wine.

But- by French law it cannot be released until one minute past midnight on the third Thursday in November, so the stuff is FLOWN all over the word.

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Last year Dr. Vino wrote:

Say no to Nouveau for the polar bears.

Sending a bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais nouveau by boat to New York creates about 1500g of CO2e. Flying it in creates about 6000g. So if you’re going to say cheers with nouveau, do it after the containers arrive via ship and say cheers tonight with a lovely cru Beaujolais that already is here, via boat.

Whole Foods writes, without a bit of tongue in cheek:

In order to get Nouveau on the third Thursday of November, it is flown around the world to restaurants, bars and parties. Historically, fuel was low cost and the environment not foremost of consideration, so the carbon footprint wasn’t an issue. But with the environment ever more important to an increasing number of wine drinkers, the cost and fuel required to fly wine bottled in heavy glass around the globe has caused wineries to reconsider how this fun and eventful wine is distributed.

This is what "the environment" means to Whole Foods. That you fly a thin crappy plonk in plastic instead of glass. What a demonstration of how superficial their commitment to the environment is. They should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this charade. More at Whole Foods

Greenwash Watch: Whole Foods' "Green" Beaujolais Nouveau
The Whole Foods website is all gaga over today's launch of this year's "green" Beaujolais Nouveau.