Greenwash Watch: Lush Greenwash Soap is Palm Oil Free


I just love it for the name, Greenwash Soap, giving greenwashing a whole new meaning. It is the first of their palm-oil free soaps; Lush's director of ethics, Hilary Jones, was interviewed at Smartplanet News and says "we were very concerned about palm oil. The land is being sucked up by big multinationals that are clear-cut felling and planting palm oil, displacing the local people and the orangutans. The buyers said they could drive for a whole day and not come out of the palm plant plantations. It was the sheer scale of it -- we came back from Sumatra and decided we didn’t want anything to do with palm oil." Lush hopes to roll out its new formula for all its soaps, reducing palm oil use by 250 tonnes. ::Lush via ::Smartplanet

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