Greenwash Watch: A Second Skin for Bananas

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Here is a tough call: is this in the Wretched Excess Dept. or the Greenwash watch? Bananas come in the perfect package already, a disposable, compostable skin that doubles as a handy banana holder and instigator of vaudeville humor. But that's not good enough for Del Monte, which introduces individually wrapped bananas as a "'Natural Energy Snack on the Go'." And what were they before?

According to the Daily Mail, there is method in this madness:

While the trial may seem bizarre at a time when big businesses are under pressure to reduce packaging waste, Del Monte insists the addition of a clear plastic bag is actually a green measure. The company claims that the bag contains 'Controlled Ripening Technology' - which extends the shelf-life of the banana by up to six days. The banana is put into the plastic bag when it is green and, according to the manufacturers, goes on to ripen more slowly than if it had been left in the open air.

Environmentalists are outraged at the unnecessary packaging, noting that "Nature has designed out the need for bananas to have extra packaging," but the company is adamant that it is better:

James Harvey, Del Monte's UK managing director, told the Fresh Produce Journal: 'Del Monte's new CRT packaging is designed to provide significant carbon footprint savings by reducing the frequency of deliveries and the amount of waste going to landfill. The packaging is also recyclable.

Reduced carbon footprint. Recyclable. How these words have become debased.

More in the Daily Mail; evidently they have done this in the USA for a year, as seen in Springwise
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