Greenpeace Accuses New Zealand Dairy Giant of Destroying Rainforest via Palm Oil Use

Great visuals on the impact of land conversion to palm oil plantations in this video. Check it out.

First it was the Brazilian cattle industry and global shoe brands which Greenpeace outed for their aiding and abetting deforestation and, therefore, accelerating climate change. Now, it's New Zealand's dairy cooperative Fonterra -- an investigation of which reveals that through its use of and encouragement of use of oil palm-based animal feeds is contributing to the destruction of rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia:Greenpeace New Zealand shows that through Fonterra's part-ownership of RD1, which imports Palm Kernel Expeller for animal feed and has close ties with Wilmar International, it is destroying rainforest and driving up New Zealand's contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Oil Palm-based Animal Feed Imports Up Over 2000%
A full 95% of New Zealand's farms are part of the Fonterra cooperative. The nation imports one quarter of the world's production of PKE -- an amount which continues to climb. In the past decade imports of PKE have grown 2700%, to over 1.1 million tonnes today.

Wilmar Intl. at Center of Palm Oil-Deforestation Criticism
Wilmar International has been at the center of palm oil criticism of late, with a recent internal audit by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation showing that Wilmar's practices were so socially and environmentally destructive that it should never have been eligible for financing.

Hopefully Shame & Blame Works as it Did in Brazil
Greenpeace's efforts with shoe brands and deforestation leather and beef quickly yielded results, with Nike and Timberland pledging to not use leather sourced from the Amazon, and several of Brazil's supermarket chains committing to not selling beef on illegally cleared land. We'll have to see how well this latest shame and blame effort works.

Considering the massive climate emissions from conversion of rainforest to palm oil plantation, the staggering loss of biodiversity and increasing threats to iconic species such as the orangutan, and the social disruption associated with all this, let's how Fonterra listens up and stops using unsustainably sourced palm oil products.

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