Greenland Wants To Bottle Iceberg Water

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It's no secret that TreeHugger isn't fond of single-use bottles of water - there seems no trapping of modern life easier to let go of, when municipalities spend oodles to make most tap water clean, and reusable bottles come in every size and color - there are even some cool ones aimed at getting kids off the one-use bottle!

Icebergs become 'high-end' bottled water
But we all seem a bit slow to get the picture - growth for the global soft drink and bottled water market is still growing around 4% annually. In fact, in Fiji (source of the famous, er, infamous Fiji bottled waterj) marketers are asking the government for financial assistance in an increasingly competitive market. And on the other side of the globe in Greenland, a consultant named Dorthe Lund Kaack told the Danish Berlinske Tidende newspaper that next spring Greenland Home Rule government would begin bottling water from an island spring, and thereafter drilling it out of icebergs floating near the coast, for export to fancy water markets (Los Angeles, Tokyo said the article). The government stressed that production of this 3 to 10,000-year old water was "sustainable." Hit the jump for more ironic water facts about Fiji.

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Iceberg water is not entirely new - Berg (ha ha), a company in Newfoundland, bottles Arctic water from icebers off the coast and sells it for a very pretty penny - nearly $100 for 24 half-liter bottles. And 10 Thousand BC "luxury glacier water" comes from (the company says) 10,000-year-old ice from glaciers (for fewer pollutants). Watch this Forbes slide show of the world's most expensive waters to see how ridiculous it can get.

Back to Fiji, where the bottled water industry has become an important business, employing 700 people and bringing in $150 million per year. A BBC documentary showed that a third of Fiji islanders don't have access to clean drinking water, and still fall ill and die from related dirty water diseases such as typhoid. The government announced a tax on bottled water, but aborted after pressure from water bottlers.
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