GreenBuild: Buildclean is a Breath of Fresh Air

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I have never understood why the Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of the Energy Star rating system; it is not as if the American government really believes that Carbon Dioxide is a problem, and yet in the interest of reducing fossil fuel use the EPA suggests that everybody seal their houses tight as a drum to reduce heat loss or gain. By not insisting on some form of ventilation system, the EPA is probably poisoning people with Energy Star. But nobody cares about air quality and health in America, only about the price of gas.

Let me correct that- Ashli Ayer does. Alone and forlorn in her booth at the Greenbuild show, this lawyer turned crusader is trying to identify healthy, safe and environmentally friendly choices in building products.

She rails against asbestos, bacteria, lead, radiation and VOCs. When she raised the issue of radiation and radon being emitted from granite, she received threatening phone calls. Yet all she wants is:

"that all natural stone products be tested for radon emissions before putting them on the market. The tests exist today and are not expensive, It is the responsible thing to do."

In the light of the controversy over possible radiation emissions from natural stone, and the increasing air-tightness of our homes, is this not reasonable?

Learn more at Buildclean., with particular attention to their information about radon.
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