Green Meals on Wheels: Green Truck Delivers Green Food to Los Angeles

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Taco truck with mercury-free line-caught fish and local organic vegetables from the Green Truck.

If hungry for lunch in LA, you have to find out where to go by checking Twitter for location updates. Yesterday, for example, had this: Wed, 6/17 Green Truck will be at our usual 3 stops today from 11:30-2:30 Museum Square, MySpace, and MTV/ Water Gardens/Yahoo Ctr then posted an hour later: Ashley and Allie will be at Wilshire and Doheny in Beverly Hills 11:30-2:30. New route, new chef new AWESOMENESS. And what's the daily special?
For a healthy spin on street food vendors, the Green Truck brings meals to diners around Los Angeles (and expanding to New York City soon), serving up its signature Mother Trucker vegan burger with beet relish cooked up in a solar-powered commissary, stocked with organic goods, and served on compostable disposables.

mother trucker veg patties photo

Mother Trucker 4-pack of frozen vegan patties for an at-home fix.

"Healing the planet one meal at a time," says Kam Micelli and Mitchell Collier who founded the Green Truck and keep grease out of the sewer system and crap out of landfill. This growing trend in the evolution of the taco truck is styled green and gourmet, using the Internet to alert customers of locations and specials.

Sustainable drive-by dining
Without any real estate overhead, the price of entrees at this movable feast is lower without sacrificing quality. There's no driving necessary and no need for a parking spot. The Green Truck parks curbside and runs on vegetable oil fuel. Naturally, utensils and containers are made of biodegradable packaging.

Mixing upscale food with a downscale venue may be a sign of the times, satisfying discriminating customers during lean times. Yet far from the fast food of hot dogs, gyro and taco stands, each dish is made-to-order.


Green Truck's eco-menu includes local certified-organic vegetable salads, free-range chicken, tofu lavash wraps, line-caught mercury-free tuna tacos, and more. It also caters special events with clients from HBO to CBS, and can serve breakfast. How about banana pancakes with coconut-agave syrup?

Following this trend, other gourmet street vendors are parking around the country from Austin to Seattle. If not as committed to sustainable practices, some have a green edge:

Clover Food Truck in Cambridge, MA serves up rosemary fries and vegetarian sandwiches in pita with chickpea fritters. Pre-ordering via email is possible:

For a sandwich of ice cream, try CoolHaus with its organic cinnamon ice cream and edible wrapping. Playing on the architectural wordplay (as in its namesake, Rem Koolhaus) there's also Frank Behry's (aka Gehry) strawberry sandwich.

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