Green Man: New Zealand's Organic, Vegan Beer


A vegan friend has to limit her choice of beer to just a couple of brands, ‘coz the majority of beer is filtered through fish bladders, well the isinglass found in such things. She would love Green Man beer. Not only is it brewed from organic ingredients, but is also free of added sugars, in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516. Remember back that far? Oh, yeh and did we mention they reuse their bottles? That’s right, used beer bottles are collected, washed, sanitised and send out with a fresh brew within. You can choose from a Lager, Bitter or Dark Mild (or go for the pack featuring one of each), and they are even available online via By Nature. Cheers! What’s that? Beer not your scene? Then maybe you‘d prefer to imbibe a carbon neutral wine, also from the land of the long white cloud. ::Green Man Brewery.

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