Green Green Tea — Drink It, It's Carbon Neutral


Today was definitely fun for the friendly folk behind the Today was Fun tea label. They have just announced that their new product Green Green Tea has won the Best New Organic Product for 2006. This makes it a double whammy for Sharyn Wortman who’s tea company won Best New Organic Food 2005 for their Sleepy Tea, made from organic Lemon Balm, Lime Flower and Lavender. This time round they have made their new product Carbon Neutral, in association with The Carbon Neutral Company, which makes it twice as green – hence the double name. Actually maybe they should have used three greens since it is Green, Organic and Carbon Neutral! Green Green Tea has been labelled as the ‘first ever food and drink product to save the world thanks to its carbon neutral promise.’ However patience is needed as Green Green Tea will not be poured into our cups until July 1st. In the meantime you can learn more about Green Green Tea in the informative, and very witty, press releases to be found at the bottom of their press page. For us lazy environmentalists a cup of Carbon Neutral tea is just what we need to get us through the day and as Today was Fun says ‘Drinking Green Green Tea is a lot more fun than chaining yourself to a tree. Trust us, chains are very uncomfortable to wear, bark is scratchy, trees have all kinds of creepy crawly things living in them and bulldozers are big and scary.’ ::Today Was Fun