Green-Food Offer Growing in Buenos Aires


Not so long ago, it was difficult to see the label "organic" or "100% natural" in products, but we are very pleased to see this market expanding in Buenos Aires, not only in small shops but also in supermarkets. We got to thinking this walking the ails of Mucho Gusto design/food fair, when we spotted several small companies presenting their natural products. There was Raku (1st picture) and Nontue, for example: two brands by Laura Galluzzi for infusions and liquors with 100% natural ingredients, which can be found at Coto supermarkets, one of the biggest ones in the country. Or Marian Arytza's line of dressings and spices from natural ingredients that include a vast collection of mustards and typical Argentine products like Chimichurri and Salsa Criolla (2nd pic), which are sold at Olivas i Lustres (1460 Gascón st.) and Enfunda la mandolina (1440 Salguero st.). But before that, in two supermarkets chains (Coto and Jumbo) we had also found a line of organic yerba mate and infusions by a brand called Mision Natural (3rd pic), products from our featured Patagonia Gaucha's conserves Pampa Organica, and Heredia organic teas. In the vegetables field, Jumbo supermarket has started to destinate a differentiated space for organics by La Anunciacion in their gondolas, and Coto has done the same for premium vegetables. Finally, we recently knew that the country sector has started to speak more about organic meat (article in Spanish), alerted by the first exporter of organic meat, Eco Pampa, success. We know we're far from perfect, but it is encouraging to see the interest around a greener life growing, as the buzz educates new people that can jump in the wave. Let's hope it keeps going! ::Marian Arytza
::Mision Natural