Green Festival San Francisco - Bags of Garden Goodness Grow Easily with Phytopod

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Photo via Jaymi Heimbuch

The selection of garden booths is surprisingly small at Green Festival, but what is there is pretty amazing. Last event they showed off great aquaponics systems, and this year there was something even simpler but just as cool, with a name that's simply fun to say: Phytopods. It's a vertical garden system that works great for small spaces, and all you really need is a stand and a burlap bag. The Phytopods come in various sizes, and a small bag can equate to a 2'x4' garden plot, or a larger bag can equate to a 3'x5' garden plot, yet it takes up a fraction of the space.

This is exactly what I want for my fire escape, since I could grow all my veggies in one simple container, rather than a slew of smaller pots taking up too much space.

However, the pods are a bit price prohibitive - ranging from $65 to $115 depending on the size you get. I'm thinking it'd be easier to hack something using an old grocery roller cart and a burlap bag or old flour sacks hunted down on Craigslist or even street corners, adding up to a fraction of the cost. Or you can head to the hardware store and pick up a piece of chicken wire and some canvas and with just a pair of pliers, create essentially the same set-up. However, it is handy to have everything you need, and in the right size, all in one quick kit.

Plus, they also come with an internal watering kit, which is extra handy and somewhat explains the bumped up price.

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