Green Eyes On: Get Responsible About Your Easter Eggs

green eyes on easter eggs

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Guest blogger Sara Snow is a green lifestyle expert and board member for Discovery's 24/7 future-forward network Planet Green.

It happens every April, egg sales rise just like turkeys quickly become high in demand in November. And, for years now, every November we've been getting messages about how to choose the healthiest and most eco-friendly turkey; from organic to free range to vegetarian fed and everything in between.

Well, get ready, because it's now time to take those same steps for your Easter eggs. This Easter season, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is asking consumers to choose eggs that come from animals that were humanely raised. According to the WSPA, it's a simple yet powerful way to make a difference for the welfare of animals and the environment.

So, what kind of eggs should we look for? Sharanya Prasad, US Programs Manager for the WSPA says, "read labels on egg cartons and look for 'Certified Humane,' 'American Humane Certified' or 'Animal Welfare Approved' claims." This way you can be sure that the eggs came from chickens who were humanely raised, not on a factory farm. Prasad goes on to say that "these claims also mean the animals were not given hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics, were not continuously confined and were allowed to engage in natural behaviors."

Most conventionally raised chickens and cows (for eggs, meat and dairy foods) grow up in factory-farm environments, confined to small areas and fed a less-than healthy diet. Not only is this inhumane, causing animal suffering, but it creates huge environmental hazards. The Food & Ag Organization in the UN reports that factory-farmed livestock accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions; more than all transport combined.

Here are a handful of WSPA recommended humane egg companies, to make your Easter egg shopping a little easier.

Visit for a searchable database of humane foods available at grocery stores and restaurants.

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