Green Eyes On: Buying for Earth Day

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Though I've never been a proponent of rushing out to buy all the latest green gadgets just in the name of "going green" it is comforting to read that sales of organic foods and other green goods are not declining despite the economy, and that people are continuing to invest in those things that ultimately can lead to better personal and environmental health.

In particular, there's been some tremendous growth with organic food makers in the Bay Area. Barbara's Bakery, makers of all natural and organic cereals and snacks, is seeing double-digit growth in its private label business. And Amy's Kitchen, known for their organic and vegetarian prepared meals, is expecting to jump from their current revenues of $240 million to becoming a billion dollar company in five years.

This is strong growth in tough economic times. But what do people do who are just starting to make changes? How do they know where to start? There are all sorts of fantastic guides ranking organic fruits and vegetables, like the one by the Organic Center and another by the Environmental Working Group. But what about everything else like cosmetics, dog food, and lawn mowers? For that, there's Good Guide.

Good Guide and their team of scientists have rated over 75,000 toys, personal care products, packaged foods, and household chemicals according to social and environmental factors.

Just in time for Earth Day they have launched a number of new features focused on providing key information on how and what we eat impacts the environment. To find out how your dinner stacks up, visit the Good Guide's website and search food products that are vegan, low in sugar, low in sodium, have a low environmental impact, are organic and so on. In other words, you can choose your foods not just because your belly says "yummm," but because the planet approves as well.

And, because we're living in an "Apple" age, you won't be surprised to know that yup, there's an "app" for that.
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