Green Clean: Its the Small Things That Make the Difference

An article at Hunts Post Uk, is saying something that we at TreeHugger have known for a long time, that chemicals in the home are not doing anybody any good. Check out TreeHugger's guide to greening your cleaning, recipe to make your own bath cleaner, try cleaning the old fashioned way, and try this recipe for a natural hand softener.

'Freda', uses lemon juice to clean the kitchen, beeswax to polish furniture, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar as all round cleaners and deodorizers, and instead of artificial room-spray, Freda sprinkles rosewater. Freda is part of a UK national on-going campaign to ban toxic chemicals in household products as part of the WI (women's institute), with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund.

Freda was one of the WI members whose blood was tested for chemicals three years ago. Members took part in tests to see how many hazardous chemicals they had retained in their bodies as a result of exposure to a possible 70 chemicals in ordinary household goods. Freda's blood had traces of 25 including DDT (a pesticide that was alleged to have links with cancer) even though DDT has been banned in this country for decades.

Go Freda! ::article link