Green Cheese from Fifth town


Long a quiet backwater populated by descendants of Loyalists running from the American revolution, Ontario's Prince Edward County has become the trendy green hot spot. Next up is the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company, where founder Petra Cooper is building "an environmentally and socially responsible enterprise positioned as a niche producer of fine hand made cheeses using fresh, locally produced goat and sheep milk." Architect Francis Lapointe has designed a carbon neutral production and retail facility that is aiming for LEED platinum.


Lapointe grew up deep in the north woods in Wawa, Ontario, and says his "passion for utilitarian and green building design was shaped by Northern Ontario's spectacular wilderness, challenged by the forestry and mining industries." He works with "building systems that offer optimal sustainable, economic and aesthetic value, such as the use of bent-wood timber, reclaimed lumber and fly-ash concrete."

For Fifthtown, sustainability initiatives include:

• A geothermal heating and cooling system (featuring 10 bore holes at 70 metres deep) which will be use to heat and cool the building as well as provide the hot and cold water used by our process equipment.
• Subterranean cheese aging cave facilities which reduces energy required to maintain a steady cool temperature 24/7
• Water cooled refrigeration systems for above ground cold storage for finished cheeses
• Use of locally sourced or reclaimed building materials
• Solar/PV Panels
• Ecologically sound waste management protocols

2. We also are striving to minimize impact on the environment in all our business practices. All our new stationery products are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Currently packaging design is underway and our goal is to minimize environmental impact while still maintaining food safety standards.

3. We will be sourcing all our milk from the Quinte area mimimzing energy spent on transport.

4. All cleaners used on the facility will be environmentally friendly.

5. Fifth Town is built on 20 acres of agricultural land which continues to be farmed. No pesticides or chemicals of any kind have been used for over 3 years (since we aquired the land).::FifthTown Artisan Cheese

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