Green & Blacks Do Ice Cream. Why Wasn't I Told?

We've mentioned Green & Blacks on one or two occasions in the past. As we should, being as they were the pioneers of organic chocolate and fair trade. But no-one told me they are now doing organic ice cream. Ooohh! Given that I've never seen it Australia, it is probably a good thing I was kept in the dark. Unrequited love over 12,000 miles can be very lonely. I'll just have to be very stoic and resist the tempation to salivate when they talk about fresh organic cream that is whipped with less air, so it has more flavour and body. 'Overun' they call it. What a word, huh? My pleasure sensors are going into apoplexy at the mere thought. And still G&B; twist the knife even deeper "our ice cream has a lower overrun than the majority of other ice creams [which] means it has a denser richer texture and melts more slowly in the mouth." The fiends. What punishment will they inflict next? Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate and Ginger, Chocolate and Orange (Mmmmm!) and Vanilla Caramel Nut. It's all too much, Ignorance was such bliss, compared to this. ::Green & Blacks Ice Cream