Green Apple Festival in Seattle: Cleaning up the Angel Morgan P-Patch Community Garden

Angel Morgan P-Patch gardeners Erik & Deborah Hanson talk about helping start the garden in a formerly vacant lot in Seattle.
Community gardening is a great way to support some of our favorite food ideas -- eating locally, enjoy a facsimile of the farm to table experience, where you know exactly where you food comes from, and controlling all the organic inputs to your food are just a few -- but, as you can see in the above video, it's also a fabulous way to help a community grow, too.

Seattle community gardeners Jennie Goode and Kristin Pula talk about their P-Patch experience.

What's it like to be a gardener here? Since 2004, Jennie and Kristin have been planting, mulching, and harvesting here; watch the video to get their perspective on the community garden, and how their garden grows.

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