Great Chefs Prefer Tap Water

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Why do we have to keep proving over and over again that tap water is better than bottled? David Suzuki said that bottled water is toast but somehow everyone is not getting the message. This time seven very famous chefs and sommeliers from Michelin-starred restaurants in London did a blind tasting of ten different waters from various rivers across England. Since they are chefs, they have a very sophisticated palate. They used the lexicon of wine-tasting to describe the different waters as "complex," "having a floral note," having "good character" and being "honest and unpretentious. The water from the Severn Trent taps was "a mountain stream of freshness" (it came first) and that from Anglia was "pure and palatable" (it was second).

The organizers popped in a bottle of mineral water (no brand mentioned) and low and behold; it came in eighth in the list of ten. It's all part of a campaign to get people to "Do the Green Thing" and ask for tap water in restaurants. Despite the marketing, there is no evidence to suggest that bottled water is in fact any better for us than tap water. And the build-up of bottles in land fill sites, not to mention the carbon footprint is massive. So be brave and insist on tap the next time a waiter stares down his nose at you in a restaurant. :: Green Thing
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