Graham Hill's Weekday Vegetarian: Finally, a Palatable Solution

In February, 2010, TreeHugger founder Graham Hill gave a TED talk on becoming a weekday vegetarian. Now Graham has expanded that talk into a comprehensive ebook entitled Weekday Vegetarian: Finally, A Palatable Solution. The ebook is now available for download on Amazon's Kindle, and is also available for the Kindle App on iPad, iPhone, and all Android devices.

As Graham describes, being a weekday vegetarian means eating vegetarian foods from Monday to Friday and then eating whatever you like on Saturday and Sunday. He provides compelling arguments for why you can, and should, become a weekday vegetarian. Whether you do it for environmental, animal welfare or health reasons or a combination of all of those things, the book explains how you can make a difference locally, globally and within your own home simply by rethinking your food choices.

Since that initial TED talk, TreeHugger has been supporting Graham's initiative by providing readers with recipes for local, seasonal vegetarian food until the title Weekday Vegetarian. There are hundreds of recipes here on TreeHugger to help you ease your way towards weekday vegetarianism. There is also a post of links related to food issues and vegetarianism.

Some Recent Weekday Vegetarian Recipes
Weekday Vegetarian: Cheese Biscuits
Weekday Vegetarian: Barley Risotto with Wild Mushrooms
Weekday Vegetarian: Saag Aloo, Spinach with Fried Potato Balls

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