Gourmet Magazine Shuts Down; We Will Miss It


Many people have complained that Gourmet Magazine under Ruth Reichl was more about foodies than about cooking. This may be true; I don't cook but I enjoyed reading it. Moreover, it had the pulse of what was happening, not just with recipes but with sustainable sourcing, local food, vegetarianism, it covered them all. TreeHugger posts based on Gourmet go back to 2005, with Sea Change: Gourmet Magazine on Fish and Sustainability. TreeHugger favourite Elizabeth Royte covered Tom Philpott's Maverick Farms in 2007. They came out and called farmed shrimp "one of the most destructive means by which humans produce food" in 2007. They attacked the chicken industry. Then they introduced a monthly vegetarian section.

But for all of the food politics, there were the recipes.

ghost potatoes

Before Planet Green came along, Kelly Rossiter used to write a recipe of the week for TreeHugger. Gourmet was the source of many, including Green Halloween: Ghost Potatoes,

chocolate fallen souffle

Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Fallen Souffle Cake
Recipes of the Week: Appetizers
Recipe of the Week: Cucumber Avocado Soup
Recipe of the Week - Heirloom Tomato and Arugula Salad

All designed to get TreeHugger readers into the kitchen making healthy, local and sustainable foods, and all out of Gourmet Magazine.

weed it and weep

Two years ago I wrote:

At some point, TreeHugger may become superfluous, as the ideas we promote become completely mainstream. An example of this might be Gourmet Magazine....

What a shock to find who became superfluous first. Gourmet Magazine, dead at 70.

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