Gourmet Magazine Goes (Occasional) Vegetarian

The covers of Gourmet are often graced with roast suckling pig or some other very meaty dish, and there have been letters to the editor when there is not enough meat to the issue. Thus we were surprised to see the editor in chief, Ruth Reichl, note that "we live in a society that consumes more meat than any other group in history. there are currently more than 3 billion domesticated cattle, sheep and goats in the world, and that number does not include the 100 million pigs and 9 billion chickens that we consume every year. Livestock grazing and feed production now use 30% of the surface of the planet, and that takes a toll on the environment."

She continues with "for much of human history, eating meat has been considered a sign of wealth and privilege" but Isn't it time we realized that eating vegetarian meals is neither penance nor virtue but simply another mealtime option?"

The magazine is now starting a monthly vegetarian section, and this month's recipes say " its time to uncover the truth: Vegetarian meals can be bold, exciting and satisfying."

This will be news to many Gourmet readers, and is a welcome addition to the magazine. ::Gourmet

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