Good To The Last Drop - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

We all know the drill – the coffee mug, the coffee break, the daily coffee stop on the way in to work…we actually decided to mix it up this morning and try a new coffee. We know, it’s hard to imagine, but Green Mountain Coffee Roasters really sparked our interest. Not only does the Vermont based company sell organic coffee (we tried the Organic Spring Morning Blend) but is 100% committed to the environment...They support national and local organizations by donating coffee and, in fact, 5% of their pretax profit goes directly to social responsibility initiatives. GMCR even has a program set up for their employees called CAFÉ (Community Action For Employees) that enables them to take paid time off to volunteer in the community or wherever the employee sees the need. One thing that we feel is important to include is that GMCR is partially employee-owned, which means that the employees think and act like owners of the company making the working environment more cohesive. GMCR has grown to be very popular in the Northeast and is quickly expanding. For those that can’t find it in their local stores, you can sign up for their snail mail catalog or for their online newsletter on their website. Also available through GMCR is Newman’s Own Organic Coffee. Tomorrow we’re going to try the Organic Breakfast Blend. ::Green Mountain Coffee Roasters [by KD]