GOOD Introduces the Backyard Garden Project

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For apartment dwellers, it's a common lament: The view out of the window is of little more than an empty dirt lot walled by other buildings. One Good community member is tired of this scene and is beginning a project to change it.He explains:

When I moved in to my current apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, a run-down but decent-sized 1.5 bedroom on Dekalb Avenue, one of the biggest selling points of the place was the back garden... well, back overgrown-trash-filled-lot really, but that was part of the attraction. I would have the opportunity to clean up and totally remake a bit of urban greenspace. Though the unit is on the second floor, it has access to the garden via a fire escape and catwalk, and the dentist's office that occupies the ground floor doesn't make use of it, so my lovely landlady said I was welcome to try to do something with the mess if I was crazy enough to think that sounded like fun.

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