Goji Berries in Your Backyard Garden?

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Superfoods can be a super waste as I've said before on TreeHugger. From goji berries to acai, chia, and maca, Americans spend $10 billion on superfoods each year and for the majority of us, they have to be flown in from upwards of 5,000 miles away. But now Natural News may have a solution. Natural News has introduced a line of superfood seeds to grow in your backyard. The line of 100 percent organic, non-hybrid seeds is a positive on two fronts because health nuts can obtain the superfood in its purest form rather than a processed powder, and by growing it yourself, you can enjoy backyard herbal goodness instead of hitting the health foods store up for your every need.

Here's what they're offering up:
Goji Berry
Holy Basil
Lamb's Quarters
Milk Thistle
White Sage
Wild Cherry Tomato
Wild Mountain Spinach

This is undoubtedly better than constantly having to buy each individual superfood, which if you're making an effort to eat completely local is just a no-no. While the seeds are flown in from across the globe, at least once you buy them you'll be able to reproduce them year after year. Because thankfully, unlike Monsanto's scary modified seeds, you're allowed to save these.

Harder on Your Garden?
But some of the seed packs that made the list like goji berries and maca grow in tropical climates so if you're living in Michigan and you want to grow a tropical fruit, is this realistic or responsible? Many of these plants are adaptogens, meaning they're very adaptable and can grow in varying climates, but even still, bringing non-native plants into your garden means more pest control and more water, both of which are the enemy of an organic gardener. This is just something to keep in mind when choosing a seed pack.

But depending on where you live, some of these seeds may still be a good addition to your backyard garden along with other local superfoods we already know and love. Because as Melissa Breyer over at Planet Green wrote, sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, offering brain and memory protection, amongst others like cruciferous vegetables, honey, and blueberries. And in the end abiding by a local diet often means that you're getting the most nutrients because your foods don't lose enzymatic power during travel.

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