Gloomy Economy Doesn't Stop the Danes From Eating More Organic

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It's a Danish (though possibly not organic) by kspoddan @ flickr.

While in Britain researchers have found organic sales suffering slightly as consumers feel the gloom of high oil prices and global economic woes, in Denmark organic food consumption, already quite high, is still rising! Denmark had one of the first labeling programs for organic, which will now be extended to give restaurants and caterers three levels - gold, silver, bronze - of certification depending on the percentage of organic raw materials they use.

More organic food in regular-folks stores?
For years, organic sales growth has been in the double digits. And it is still expected to prosper, as super-high fossil fuel costs narrow the gap between conventional and organic cost differences. On the other hand, inflation has caused food purveyors in the U.S. and Britain like Whole Foods to struggle to move away from their "Whole Paycheck" image as consumers get price sensitive...and therein lies the clue to Denmark's success.In Copenhagen, the country's largest city, the variety and abundance of organic products in the corner grocery stores - Irma, Fakta, Kivley, Brugsen - makes it unnecessary to shop at a 'specialty' organic store to fulfill most of your weekly (and organic) food needs. This translates to happy Danish consumers, who in August increased their organic purchases 30% compared to August 2007.

Organic Denmark, the country's boosting organization, expects sales to be 20 to 25 percent higher in 2008 overall compared to last. year. Via ::Jyllands-Posten

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