Global Exchange's Fair Trade Valentine's Day


I personally think that Valentine's Day is a scam—I believe I once called it "one huge fallacy propagated by a dark cabal of media and business moguls who worship some winged, arrow-stringing demon-child."

If you do happen to buy into the Schmoopiest of Days, however, you could do worse than pick up some fair-trade sweets for your sweetie, such as Global Exchange's Fair Trade Valentine's Day Activist Kit. Because, we don't know about you, but we'd prefer not to romance our sweethearts on the backs of child slaves—some as young as 9. That's not amore.For $15, you get a package of individual fair-trade chocolates (your choice of milk or dark) peeking out of a heart-shape window, 30 Valentines with the message "I Choo Choo Choose Fair Trade" (each with a detachable portion you can send to World's Finest Chocolate to demand fair labor practices), a paper Amore/Love banner, an "I Love Fair Trade" iron-on, as well as a red, recycled Kraft gift bag. You can also buy the chocs separately.

And if you're still flummoxed by what best embodies the raging, beating heart inside you that overrunneth with SO MUCH DEEP EMOTION—may we suggest doing the laundry? Or dishes? Because that's hot—we've got you covered with last year's feature 50 Ways to Please Your Lover, Treehugger-style.

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