GladRags Sampler Pack


At TreeHugger, we never get squeamish about a woman's right to bleed and be cranky. We've yapped about reusable cotton pads, chlorine-free tampons, flushable pads, and even menstrual cups.

It's said, well, by people who make it their job to crunch these kinds of numbers, that the average woman uses nearly 12,000 disposable tampons and/or pads during her menstruating lifetime.A menstrual product that is reusable is obviously the key here. Like Lunapads, GladRags offers a range of washable, reusable cotton pads, but now the company is offering sampler packs for the buy-curious who are contemplating making the switch.

For $57.99, you can get a selection of three day pads, one night pad, and three pantyliners, as well as a laundry mesh bag. Another $12 gets you the same thing, but made with undyed organic cotton. If you balk at the prices, keep in mind that us chicks spend between $70 and $140 per year as it is on disposable pads and tampons. We don't know about you, but we'd rather save the extra money for a hot-water bottle and an emergency stash of PMS-alleviating chocolate. ::GladRags

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