Give Your Phone a "Bee Beard", Help Save Bees (Video)

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I grew up in the West of England. I like hard cider. And as a failed beekeeper, I owe a deabt of gratitude (or guilt?) to our furry pollinating friends. So I was delighted to hear that one purveyor of hard cider is stepping up to help bees. And they are asking people to give their phones a "bee beard" as part of the campaign.

They're also offering 25 urban beekeeping scholarships. From Haagen Dazs' bee boy mayhem to the Cooperative Group's Plan Bee, this isn't the first time we've seen companies step up to support honey bees. But PSFK reports that Magners Irish Cider is launching a major campaign to help support bees and beekeepers.

Riffing off a new TV ad that features Eamon, an Irish beekeeper, who is shown having a bath, going to the bakery and catching a bus, all with his beard of bees before releasing them into the apple orchard, the iPhone app allows would-be (bee?) beekeepers and bee beard sporters to try it out and give their phone a beard. Every time the free bee beard iPhone app is downloaded, and every time someone likes the Magners Facebook page, a donation of bees will be given to British and Irish beekeeping associations.

The company is also running a competition to win 25 Urban Beekeeping Scholarships. (Magners' friends can enter the contest via the Facebook page.)

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