Girl Scouts Not Dying For A Cookie


Leisa Thompson/ Ann Arbor News

One of the side-effects of the race to print TRANSFAT FREE! on the side of every package is a big boom in production of palm oil, on plantations cut from the rainforest home of orangutans. 12 year old girl scouts Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen of Ann Arbor, Michigan have stopped selling Girl Guide Cookies, and have started an education drive, website and petition against palm oil.

Palm oil production leads to conflict between orangutans and people, the girls said. "We've seen pictures of orangutans set afire and beaten.You really just want to reach out and do all that you can to help save them," Madison told the Ann Arbor News.


The Girl Guides aren't amused, noting that cookie sales are a vital part of the organization's funding. They also say that the baker "has committed to using palm oil grown on rehabilitated or previously cleared land rather than on land that is deforested specifically for palm-oil production" with no word on how they can tell. ::Ann Arbor News


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And since they deluge us with fake letters every time we write a post, we will save them the trouble by linking to the astroturfers at the ::Palm Oil Truth Foundation.

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