Gigi Organic Ice Cream

Setting aside our nervousness at reports claiming "Australia's first organic ice cream" we thought the product nevertheless merited a mention. Luigi Barosso is a fourth generation ice cream maker having "followed in the steps of my uncle, who brought me all the secrets of the trade." It seems that taste was one of the motivating factors in moving to organic ingredients. "We have to rediscover what is the true flavour of food," said Luigi, who reckons his organic ice cream does not leave a fatty coating in the the mouth. Initially he started with the staples of vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, as well as Bacio, a traditional Italian flavour. But he is also working on more tropical delights, such as ginger, banana, guava and pineapple. We wish him well. Because he is sure up against ... ... some tough competition. This is a market, valued a few years ago, at $200 million AUD and growing at 20% a year. Wanting a piece of this action, Coles (with 35% of the Australian supermarket trade) back in 1998, trialled in organic groceries through two stores. Later, going national, their organic products totalled just 12 items, but in two years this had grown to 150 lines, included their own brand items. Amongst these is Coles Organic Ice Cream. But no guava flavour from them. Yet. Via ::ABC News Online