Getting Rid of the Fridge- Big Step or Small?

We have been following Vanessa Farquharson's journey to take a small green step every day and blog it, but unplugging the fridge seems at first like a very big one. It is true that if you are young in the city, where you can shop fresh for every meal, the fridge is less important than it is to families who shop at Wal-Mart for a week's food. I believe the definition of a "New York Fridge" is one with nothing but a bottle of champagne and a grapefruit in it; I also have noted that small fridges make good cities. However unplugging the whole thing isn't a baby step.

Vanessa notes that "it’s been interesting learning about all the things that didn’t really need to be refrigerated — at least for very long — in the first place (margarine, jams, potatoes, ketchup, mustard and most other condiments, apples, almond butter, blueberries, etc)." and "if you live in a city, have some time to spare each day for a walk to the corner store, have only yourself (and your kitty) to feed, and are almost a little too concerned about the environment but still more or less in control of your mental faculties — it’s worth trying the no-fridge lifestyle."-at least until it is 40 degrees C inside your apartment. ::Green as a Thistle

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