Getting Farmers and Consumers to Actually Talk - Menu for the Future (Video)

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From starting a community supported bakery, through neighbors removing fences and starting gardens, to exploring permaculture farming at 9000 feet, Peak Moment TV has had some great, in-depth coverage of people who are trying to change our food system. Their latest offering is no exception, looking at what happens you create 25 small groups to discuss food values and issues, and include a local farmer or food producer in each one. It turns out that people change their eating habits, and they actually start talking to each other too.Created by the Northwest Earth Institute, a Menu for the Future was created as a series of small-scale discussion groups centered around the topic of food, farming and eating. In this episode of Peak Moment, Janaia Donaldson talks to co-facilitators Judy Alexander, Dick Bergeron and Peter Bates about how the groups came about, and what difference they made.

The nice thing that strikes me about this program is the spirit of open learning that was expected from all sides. This was not about city-dwelling organic enthusiasts trying to convert their farmers, nor is it about farmers telling the city folk how it really is. But rather it is an open, constructive dialogue about any and everything that might impact the future of our food.

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