Get Drunk Guilt-Free

It's summer and beer-drinking time so why not make it organic? They taste just as good and benefit the environment. Since there are no artificial fertilisers or pesticides used in the grain production, that means it is healthier and better for the farmland. And if the beer is local there are less food miles too. Duchy Originals, Prince Charles' brand, makes an organic ale with a rare breed of organic barley that is grown on the Prince's own estate.

Freedom Organic beer is brewed in Germany and Organic Life Magazine recently gave it 4 stars out of 5 in a 'taste test' of organic lagers, describing it as "Malty and drinkable, distinctive bite, free your taste buds! This one is hoppy and light." Fullers Honey Dew organic ale is brewed with a dash of organic honey to give a dry refreshing taste. They have won the Beer of the Year award five times. And good old Marks & Spencer Organic Beer has a malty taste and comes from a brewery on the Scottish borders. Cheers. :: Time Out

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