Get Aeroponic Gardening Advice at the AeroGarden Forums

Aerogarden indoor aeroponic gardening advice at the forums

Though gardening season is just about upon us, if you don't have a plot or a green thumb, and prefer the idea of growing with air in your kitchen to getting dirt under your fingernails, then perhaps the AeroGarden is for you; you may recall we covered it when it first became available a few years back. But how do you substitute your own seeds? Which model grows the best tomatoes? Can anyone recommend the upgrade package?

Answers to all these questions, and many more, are available in AeroGarden Growers community forums, where users and potential users can sound off about aeroponics, machine mods and more; a lot of commenters from our previous post had these kinds of questions, and now they have answers. Be sure to register as a user (like TreeHugger Forums, it's free) to get access to all the community knowledge, and get growing with air. ::AeroGarden Growers Community Forum via tipster Scott

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