Germany Approves "GM-Free" Label


There's a good chance that the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India and China are segmenting completely from Europe with regard to genetically modified food policy making. In Europe, the emphasis seems to have gone from regulation of GM crop growing and shipping to end-product labeling. For example, the German government has determined it will host a "GM-Free" food label, going forward. Check out the linked article to get a context.

Germany's upper house of parliament approved a new label on Friday that will declare foods that contain no genetically modified organisms ''GM Free.'' Genetically modified foods are a sensitive topic in Germany, where environmental groups contend that many such crops are unsafe for humans and the environment. Germany's lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, already approved the law, which is now expected to go into effect in March.

Under the law, milk, meat, eggs and cheese will earn the ''GM free'' badge only if animals did not feed upon any genetically modified products. Animal products can still bear the label, however, even if the livestock was exposed to genetically altered vitamins, amino acids and other additives, as long as there were no available alternatives., "Germany Approves 'Genetically Modified-Free' Food Logo" Image credit:The Telegraph

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