George Monbiot Says "Don't Blame the Fatties"


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Matt recently wrote Eat Like It's 1975 to Save the Planet: New Report Links Obesity, Energy Consumption & Climate Change, which said

We need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend towards fatness, and recognize it as a key factor in the battle to reduce emissions and slow climate change.

But George Monbiot says that it isn't fair to blame "the fatties." He writes:

In fact the paper wasn't about individual fat people, but populations. Most people in the rich world carry more weight than they need. Many of those who aren't overweight still consume more calories than they need, but burn them off in the gym. Almost everyone in countries like the UK consumes too much of everything, including food.

So, while we should accept and understand these findings, let's not use them as another stick with which to beat fat people. They have a tough enough time already.

He suggests we should all do our bit:

A more realistic approach is to persuade people to switch more of their consumption from animal to plant-based food: that way you can eat just as much, with a smaller impact on both the environment and food security.

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