George Clooney's Coffee Choice Could be Better

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We are calling this a food post, but maybe it should be culture and celebrity.... After all, why buy a Nespresso coffee maker if you don't love George Clooney? And furthermore, if George is pushing it then it must be good. And politically correct. And sustainable. Hmmm....

It's just a coffee maker, except that you have to buy Nestle coffee packets to use with it. These capsules, each individually covered in (non-recyclable) aluminium foil, cost ยข 68 a pop. And you need two of them to make a good strong expresso. Why are we complaining? . This is far more expensive than good Fairtrade coffee, and you can't interchange the capsules for any other kind of coffee; they are only available from Nestle. Both George and Nestle can do better.

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Nestle is one of the world's biggest coffee buyers but its treatment of coffee farmers is not brilliant. It has launched Parners' Blend cofee, "coffee with a conscience" but it is only one out of 640 Nestle coffee products. In fact it accounts for only one percent of the company's total coffee purchases.

Now Nestle has brought out an "AAA Sustainable Quality" capsule for the coffee maker. But again, it remains the most expensive, and does not quite adhere to all the Fairtrade principles.

Oxfam says "Despite prices rising since 2001, many small-scale coffee farmers and their families still cannot earn a decent income, not to mention afford basic expenses such as food, healthcare and education." Like we said, George and Nestle can do better. The Times

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