GeoCup — The Paper Cup Redux


Since last year I’ve been trying to find time to read an intriguing book called Paper or Plastic: Searching for Solutions to an Overpackaged World. But time never seems to be on my side. So thought I just share with you one of the many tidbits contained within the book. A company is looking to launch a new style of single-use coffee cup in 2006. They understand a reusable cup, such as ceramic, is the better option, but pragmatically realise that single-use beverage vessels will be with us for some time yet. The Geocup uses a forest free, 50% post consumer recycled, fibre blend paper, sealed with a plastic-free coating. Because Java drinkers want the full flavour of the beans to come through, very hot water is used that requires insulating against. The Geocup surmounts this dilemma with specific Cool Zones of extra fibre padding, where the drinkers fingers would hold the cup. And the Geocup2 model even sports a paper lid, so the whole package is totally compostable. For the full story, download their 14 page background story, full of scary industry statistics. ::GeoCup.