Gateau d'Amour's Chocolate Empire


This week’s Pecha Kucha edition concentrates on tying the knot with as much commitment to the environment as to your betrothed. TreeHugger also has a few top tips for your big day, but we haven’t yet got as far as cutting the cake. We think it’s time to indulge. The Brighton based chocolatier, Anthony Heurtier, talked to Pecha Kucha this week about organic chocolate and wedding cakes made with locally sourced ingredients, as well as ambitions for his ‘Chocolate Empire’. “This Autumn, I am launching ‘The Chocolate Empire’ which will be dedicated exclusively to creating hand made organic chocolates. I will shortly be receiving my certification from the Soil Association and am exhibiting at the Fine Food Fair at Olympia, London in September.""Put simply, I love chocolate! I am passionate about discovering new combinations, trying out new recipes and bringing them to the public so they can enjoy them and share my passion. I use a special single origin chocolate called ‘San Domingo’ from the Dominican Republic. It has a much higher cocoa content and tastes wonderful."

'The Chocolate Empire' will be selling the new range, in its more environmentally-friendly packaging, from September 2006. When I set up Gateau d’ Amour I was aware that I wanted to use local and sustainable products where possible. I want to make as little impact on the environment as possible and my long term aim is that all paper and packaging I use will be fully recycled and recyclable. Currently, I have had ‘tea-caddy’ style tins designed to pack my chocolate, not only are they made up of more than 60% recycled aluminium but can be reused as pretty decorative of storage tins once the customer has eaten the chocolate. Via: Pecha Kucha ::Gateau d’Amour