Gardening for Geeks is Called Domestic Terraforming


Balcony garden with "water wall"; full size here

Science fiction fans usually think of terraforming at a terra scale, but Wired appropriates the term for our backyard gardens. They get some things right, like the use of currently trendy raised beds (they write: "The dirt in your city plot is probably kinda crummy, but you can pack a raised bed with top-quality potting mix. Raised beds also make for warmer and better-drained soil, happier roots, easier weed control, and fewer pests--which means less work for you and more veggies for everyone.")


20' x 30' garden, full size here

But so much pavement! It doesn't look like they are using more than a quarter of the 20 x 30 "postage stamp" garden. And it is so rigid and rectilinear, they should loosen up a bit.

The bigger suburban yards add tilapia, bees and more chickens; this is turning into a full time job. and it looks even more like a factory farm. The artist should have paid more attention to the last paragraph of Domenique Browning's writing:

A different part of the brain is activated by aesthetics; it is the most human part. It bears keeping in mind. Beauty matters. You can be a garden geek and still not be a gardener. Some geeks can gaze into the fractal depths of Cynara cardunculus and see nothing but a Fibonacci sequence. The true gardener appreciates the vagaries of life.

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