Game Show for Freegans and Dumpster Divers: Ready, Steady, Skip

World’s First Game Show for Dumpster Divers?
Freeganism and dumpster diving aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. But even if folks aren't quite ready to participate themselves, most are still more disgusted by the insane amount of food wasted everyday than they are by the people making use of that food. So whether you indulge in trash liberation yourself, or merely want to watch supportively from the sidelines, a new internet game show called Ready, Steady, Skip (in the UK, dumpsters are called skips) may just be for you. Based on the popular TV show Ready, Steady, Cook, contestants will have to recover useable food from the trash and create delicious meals infront of the camera. So far only the trailer is available online with the full show due to air in July - but for those who can't wait, the show’s creators have also put together an awesome resource list for would be Freegans on their website.
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