Galactic Pizza — Down To Earth Fast Food

On seeing our recent post about the MM 1.0 electric 'car', Tipster Becca thought it might be the same vehicle now skooting about, delivering pizza in Minneapolis. Close, but not quite. Nevermind, the story of Galactic Pizza is worthy of its own post. Their restaurant is powered through an energy utility with wind turbines. The same renewable power charges their small fleet of electric delivery bike and cars. They have a pizza called the "CSA", 'coz they're a member of the local Community Supported Agriculture farmers network and this pizza includes whatever is in season and delivered that week. Another selection is "the Second Harvest Heartland pizza, where $1 is donated to this hunger relief organization every time the pizza is ordered." The mozzarella cheese ...... topping comes from moo cows untreated with Bovine Growth Hormones (rBGH) and they offer organic ingredients such as basil, red onion, capsicum, roma tomatoes, button mushrooms, for example. You can savour home-made hemp pesto on your pasta, a salad with hemp dressing, or satisfy that sweet tooth with chocolate hemp brownies. Oh yeh, the menu is on hemp paper too. Any food waste goes to a pig farm, while 5% of after-tax profits head off to charities selected by the staff. There's more, but we don't want to Supersize you, with too much info. Although they seem to do some seriously green stuff, the whole Galactic Pizza enterprise seems deeply infused with a light heart. Beam up a review here or teleport directly to ::Galactic Pizza