Future of Food: Fish Farms in Condos


The Globe and Mail Report on Business Magazine has an interesting 28-part series on the Future of Food, including coverage of a new kind of local fish farming without the environmental concerns and pollution. Dr. Yonathan Zohar at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute doesn't need an ocean, and doesn't worry about pollution; he grows fish in tanks in the basement. It is self-contained and recirculating (which means it does not need a natural water source nearby for top-ups or waste discharges), not to mention environmentally friendly. Zohar says the system could be built "anywhere—in urban communities, rural communities, whether it's the Midwest, near an airport or in any inner city." Zohar told Scientific American in an earlier article "Seafood is the only commodity that is still at the stage of hunt-and-gather farming," he observes. "Compare it with chickens, and we are way behind the curve." See also ::Center of Marine Biotechnology

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