Future Food, a Show About Changing the Way We Think About Food, Coming to Planet Green


Photo credit: Planet Green

What do you get when you combine downloadable design (and the internet) and food, and splash in some molecular gastronomy? Just ask Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche: Two renowned chefs, successful restaurateurs, patent-owning mad scientists and celebrated futurists who are bringing their unique, fun, wacky brand of food to Planet Green's airwaves.

The new original series, Future Food, will feature these two technology-obsessed chefs looking for solutions to some of the world's most pressing environmental issues from a completely unexpected place - the kitchen. Series host Cantu, and co-host Roche, and their team of chefs / gastronomists at Moto restaurant in Chicago will give viewers an inside look at their world running a real life restaurant business set in a theatre of lasers, chemical powders, flash freezing, meat glue, centrifuges, ion particle guns, liquid nitrogen, and effervescent proteins. In short, they're working with ideas on how to redefine the nature of food."I first try to imagine a reality that is positive and then work backwards through scientific reasoning and emotion through food to capture viewers' attention in order to create more awareness around social responsibility and true sustainability," said Homaro Cantu. " Oh yah, I like to have one hell of a good time while this all happens."

In each episode of Future Food, premiering in Spring 2010, Cantu, Roche and the Moto team are presented with a unique food challenge, tapping into their gastronomical genius to solve it. The show unveils what goes on inside the lab at Moto, letting viewers follow along through the circus of trial and error that is as funny and amazing as it is intense; changing the way people think about food is no simple task. It requires extreme focus, cooperation and unbridled creativity, as each week the Future Food team goes to task to reinvent the wheel - and then convince diners to pay money to eat it.

But it's about more than just gadgetry and wacky food science experiments. Part of defining the future of food involves not just being able to focus on season and locale and tie ingredients to a sustainable story; it's also about totally changing the game. "Imagine a world where people can save fuel by taking the delivery driver out of the equation and download pizza off the internet. Or, how about reducing landfill mass by making edible packing peanuts?" says Laura Michalchyshyn, President and General Manager of Planet Green. "This series will challenge viewers to literally eat outside of the box through the vision of Homaro and Ben, passionate renegades doing forward thinking things to make all of our lives better."

It should be an interesting ride. Stay tuned for more details and be sure to tune in to Planet Green to catch Future Food, coming to a TV near you in Spring 2010.

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