Frugal Green Living: Freezer Sales are Way Up

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There is nothing in our freezer but martini glasses; we shop every day. But lots of people are buying freezers now to sock away bargains. Consumers Reports says that annualized sales of upright freezers sales jumped 17%, chest freezers 10%.

This is great if they are packing in vegetables and healthy foods, not so great if it is the frozen stuff that is full of fat and calories. One shopper told the Wall Street Journal about her stockpiling of discounted frozen foods: "In the past, if it was a killer sale, I'd buy a few. Now, when they're on sale, I'll buy a lot." Consumers Reports did another story on how appliances can make you fat that is worth reading.

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They quote Marion Nestle:

More room for food means, well, more food. And not necessarily healthy fruits and vegetables, but rather stuff that tends to be high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt. "A much healthier lifestyle is the little European refrigerator that forces you to go shopping every day," says Marion Nestle, Ph.D., professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University and author of What to Eat: An Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Savvy Food Choices and Good Eating. "It forces you to buy fresh foods over ones that are packaged or prepared."

However, If you are going to get a freezer for more than martini glasses, get a chest model rather than an upright. The Energuide numbers don't take into account that when you open an upright freezer door all the cold air pours out onto the floor, whereas in a chest freezer it stays there since it is heavier than the warm air. if there is a leak in the seal in a vertical door it causes a lot more heat gain in the freezer than it does in a chest, which also puts gravity to work to make the seal even better.

We even reported a few years ago about converting chest freezers into fridges to get incredible efficiency.

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