From Parentables: Bisphenol A Found In Canned Soup Marketed To Kids

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A new study from the Breast Cancer Fund shows that BPA is found in canned foods marketed specifically to kids. This should be no surprise to TreeHugger readers; we have been talking about BPA lining cans for years. All of the manufacturers are looking for substitutes for the stuff, but haven't found a decent one yet, particularly for products containing tomatoes. Over at Parentables, our chemist Christine has two words of advice: Don't Panic.

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Christine explains that the levels found in the cans are way below those set by the European REACH laws. More in Parentables

TreeHugger has also advised the following steps to reduce your exposure to BPA from food:

Don't use canned baby formula: All U.S. manufacturers use BPA-based lining on the metal portions of the formula containers. If you must use formula, choose powered or liquid in plastic bottles.

Don't eat canned food if you are pregnant. the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says "We don't want to tell people not to eat canned beans or tomatoes," said CSPI nutritionist David Schardt. "But at the same time, it makes sense for all parents, and especially pregnant and nursing women, to minimize the exposure of their kids' developing bodies and brains to BPA."

Buy in bottles, not cans. Many products, like tomato sauces, are available in bottles as well as cans. Does that white epoxy on the inside of the metal lid have BPA? Probably, but there is a lot less surface area than the whole inside of a can. More and more products are available in Tetrapaks as well.

Start cooking instead of just heating. The fact that 17% of the American diet comes out of cans is just a scandal when we are surrounded by fresh food. Cook it from scratch and avoid the problem altogether.

Demand BPA-free cans. Not every manufacturer uses it; Some brands, like Eden Foods are BPA free. See a list of common brands and company responses at Organic Grace.

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