From Nothing Into Something, Sprout City Farms Grows a Thriving Urban School Garden in Denver (Slideshow)

Sprout City Farms girl sod photo

School gardens are becoming more and more popular around the country, but they're harder to establish in some places than in others—in the middle of a city, for example, where the soil is deficient and needs work before it can support growth of plants and vegetables.

So what does that process look like, of turning essentially nothing into something? Sprout City Farms (SCF), in partnership with the Denver Green School (the property of which houses the garden) and Denver Urban Gardens, have developed what is now a thriving garden.

The farm established a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for 40 families in its first year of operation, and sells produce directly to the school cafeteria during the school year. Clearly, there's a lot for the people behind this project to be proud of, but let's take a look at how they got here.

Sprout City Farms Grows Thriving Urban Garden Denver

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